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“Extremely nice piece. I love it, and so does my cat!”
-Lynne, MO

“A quality product made here in the USA.”

-Art, CT

“Simple, modern and well made. Fits in perfectly with the decor in my home. And my cats love it!”
-Noel, WA

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Cat Shelf Testimonial

“Very high quality product! My cats scratched it extensively when I first unpackaged it. It’s much more attractive to have this in the living room than a cardboard scratcher!”

“Beautiful, functional. Who could ask for anything more!?”

-Darcy Boynton

“Cat loves it and it came quickly.”

“Beautiful and very easy to assemble. Our kitten is going to love it! She is already enjoying the scratching post and I’m sure within a few days she is going to be using all of the platforms. I love the height and the option to upgrade to all large platforms. It fits wonderfully in our apartment. Thank you :)”

Cat Tree Testimonial
Scratching Post Testimonial

“Great quality and the cats love it.
Looks nice in our home.”


“My cat absolutely loves this. He prefers it over his cardboard scratcher…”
-S Chevy

“Awesome high quality products…I highly recommend! Thank you so much!”
-Heather Moore