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Caring for your Cat Tree or Scratching Post

To clean your cat tree or scratching post simply vacuum with your vacuum cleaner hose.

The posts of the cat tree can be wiped with a damp but not soaking cloth to remove any dust.

Avoid exposure to excessive moisture, heat or cold. All products are for indoor use only unless otherwise specified and should not be positioned next to fireplaces, stoves or radiators. Prolonged exposure to the sun may result in bleaching of the wood color.

The posts of the cat trees and some scratching posts are cedar. Most posts have cracks in them when we receive them and more cracks are likely to appear over time. This is normal and unavoidable and will not affect the integrity of the product. Please see our warranty for more information.

Introducing Your Cat To A Cat Tree

Some cats that have never had a cat tree don’t know what to make of them at first. Don’t expect your cat to necessarily run up the cat tree the moment it’s put into place. Most cats take several days or weeks to adjust to new things. Let your cat get used to the new cat tree for a few days before trying these tips:

  • Sprinkle cat nip or spray cat nip extract around the base of the cat tree.
  • Use toys and cat treats near the cat tree to help them become comfortable.
  • If your cat isn’t sure about jumping on the cat tree at first, place a chair next to the cat tree so they can get a better look.
  • Never put your cat on the cat tree if they are unsure about it. All interactions need to be positive.

Teaching Your Cat To Use A Scratching Post

  • Cover the surfaces you don’t want your cat scratching with foil or double-sided sticky tape.
  • Place the scratching post in the area your cat frequents or near objects he/she has been accustom to scratching.
  • Use toys, catnip or treats to entice your cat to investigate the new scratching post.
  • Try mimicking a cat scratching with your fingernails. Do not try to force your cat to scratch.
  • Always praise your cat for using the scratching post.

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