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What types of wood are used in the cat trees/scratching posts?

Basswood, Northern white cedar, and maple are used; however, custom orders can request other types of wood. We source our wood locally whenever possible. Some types of wood are not local to New England in which case we have it brought in from other areas. All the wood used comes from the USA only.

How do I know which scratching post is right for my cat?

Cats have a variety of preferences when it comes to scratching. In general, things to think about are what types of surfaces does your cat prefer when scratching, and does he or she scratch vertically or horizontally?

Sisal or manila rope is very popular for use on scratching posts because most cats like its texture. It’s strong and resilient, but cats are also able to really dig their claws in. The base on the scratching posts and cat trees is Basswood and the cat tree posts are cedar, both of which are soft enough wood for cats to scratch if they like.

Think about the surfaces you cat scratches now.
Does she like to scratch the couch corners? If so, she may do well with a Vertical Sisal Scratching Post. If she scratches you door frames it may be best to provide our Cedar Vertical Scratching Post. Horizontal carpet scratchers will probably like our Extra Wide Scratch Lounge or Inclined Scratcher.

Why don’t you offer cat trees with carpet?

Mountain Pet Products came about largely in response to dissatisfaction with carpeted cat towers. There are several reasons why no carpet is a trademark of our products. First, natural materials were selected for the safety of the cats. There are no dangerous carpet fibers or strands for cats to chew on or ingest.

Also, carpet is a synthetic material that is petroleum based.  Most commonly, carpet is made of nylon, acrylic, polyester or polypropylene. These materials end up in a landfill and may take hundreds of years to break down leaching chemicals into the ground as they decompose.

Another reason for not using carpet is longevity. Most cats like to scratch the same spot again and again. Anyone who has ever lost the corner of their couch to cat scratching knows all about this. On a carpeted cat tree, a cat will go back to the same spot, quickly shredding a particular corner. Once this happens the carpet fibers begin to shed everywhere and soon you are left with an eye-sore and a perpetual mess. Mountain Pet Products uses sisal rope, manila rope or wood as the main scratching surface. Sisal is a natural plant fiber and when woven into rope is very durable. Our sisal rope scratchers on all of our cat trees are replaceable which adds many years to the life of your cat tree. Manila rope has a very similar texture as sisal but there is a small amount of oil used in the manufacture which makes the rope slightly smoother.

Finally, offering your cat a carpeted structure confuses a cat on which surfaces in your home are meant for scratching. Cats that use carpeted cat trees won’t understand if you scold them while they scratch your carpeted floor. To them it’s all the same. Our cat trees however, have surfaces to entice your cat that are not commonly used in any other way in your home.

Do you ship outside the USA?

We currently do not ship outside the lower 48 contiguous United States of America. We are happy to quote shipping outside of the lower 48 states.

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