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Mountain Pet Products

is dedicated to designing and crafting high quality, solid wood pet furniture and toys  that are safe and fun for your cat, better for the environment, and beautiful, artistic pieces for your home.

My name is Rebecca Mountain, owner and founder of Mountain Pet Products. I began crafting my first cat trees in 2003 after becoming frustrated and disappointed with carpeted cat trees that not only looked unattractive, but left a shredded mess and only encouraged my cats to scratch on my carpeted floor and rugs. I chose to use natural wood and sisal when crafting my first cat trees for several reasons:

They make for an attractive piece and a unique cat-only structure that doesn’t confuse your cat as to which surfaces are okay to scratch. They are longer lasting and more attractive than carpeted cat trees, as well as better for the environment.

Originally called Mountain Cat Trees, I started my business in 2005 while working as a full time adoption counselor for the MSPCA. In 2009, Mountain Cat Trees became a full time business. We changed our name in 2015 to Mountain Pet Products in anticipation of offering other types of pet furniture.

Our designs have changed over the years and today we offer several different styles of pet furniture. We are also able to make custom pieces to your specifications.

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